How to Date a Trans Person in Macau


What is dating a transgender person really like? A lot of people ask this question before joining trans dating sites or going out to meet someone in person. For most, it starts with simple curiosity. Common questions include how trans women are different from women who were born female and what they are like once you get to know them.

It’s not surprising in any way that more and more men are interested in trans dating with the increasing visibility and awareness of trans women in Europe and the US. But what’s the situation in Asia?

China is known for its rather conventional sexual mores, but the city of Macau is a refreshing exception, and Macau trans dating is in full swing. Locals see trans people in the media, in movies, and on TV. They read a lot about transgender issues online. With this wealth of information at their fingertips, we know a lot more about trans dating in Macau than we did in the past.

What happens when you meet a trans person you like, whether online or in-person and want to get to know them better? How do you date a trans person in Macau? What do you need to be aware of?

Dating a trans person in Macau is like dating a trans person anywhere else. Trans women, for example, feel like women emotionally and physically (for the most part). They are just like genetic women in many ways. They will appreciate a gentle, caring man who’ll stand by them in hard times and share the good times. Some trans women have mood swings, while others don’t. In those who do, these may be attributable to hormone treatment. However, it could just be part of who they are.

Some trans people can get upset easily. They get possessive and jealous. Others don’t. In Asia, people are typically less forward about their feelings than westerners, but they will display subtle cues, so you need to be very attentive. For example, they might flinch because they don’t like being touched a certain way or on a certain body part.

What all trans people – and non-trans people – have in common is appreciation toward partners who offer commitment and treat them with respect.