How do Hotels Get Their Star Ratings?

It is not unusual to get tow hotels located in one place and have the same potential having different star ratings. Various factors will come into play such as the quality of the services, available amenities, and the general condition of the hotel.

Not all star ratings can be trusted as there are official and unofficial star ratings. Any hotel can refer to itself as a 5-star hotel but when you seek their services, a 1-star rating will be what the hotel deserves.

Different travel guides will have their own star ratings for various hotels based on their first-hand experiences when using the hotel amenities. However, these ratings are unofficial and may not be entirely true.

There are various bodies that assign star ratings to hotels such as Forbes Travel Guide, AAA, VisitBritain, and VisitScotland. Here are some of the factors that these bodies will consider when allocating star ratings to hotels:


A hotel that is located in a convenient location where guests will easily access the amenities will have a higher rating than a hotel located in an inconvenient location. Guests will appreciate and rate highly any hotel which is easily accessible.

Quality of services offered

The quality of the services offered, and the available amenities will also determine the star rating of a hotel. If a guest loves the food served, the ease of communication with the hotel staff, and the cleanliness of the hotel, it will determine the rating.

Additional amenities

Hotels that have additional services like airport transfers, a reliable internet connection, great accommodation facilities, and spa amenities will have a higher rating. Hotels that have membership and discount programs will also have a higher rating.

Past customers’ feedbacks

The testimonials from the customers who have been getting services from the hotel will also play a huge role in determining the rating. If most of the reviews are positive, the hotel rating will be very high.

Hotel ratings are never constant and are subject to change. A hotel that once used to provide exceptional services may at one time lower the quality of their services which will make their rating get worse.

There is no perfect hotel despite the ratings. What matters is the treatment you will get at that moment as the ratings are subject to change at any time.